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Finding a new job can be a time consuming and demoralizing process. Applying for jobs is a full-time job itself, and finding the right job has never been more competitive or difficult. ApplyGenie automates the first round of your job hunt by applying to jobs online on your behalf while you can spend your time elsewhere. Send out hundreds of personalized job applications for relevant roles at the click of a button!

Step 1

Job Hunt Automation

Connect to Job Sites

Sign in to link your ApplyGenie account to your LinkedIn or Indeed profiles

Step 2

Automate Job Search

Set Your Preferences

Answer some basic questions about your background and what jobs you are looking for

Step 3

Automatically Apply to Jobs

Run Automation

Let ApplyGenie take it from here! We will apply to relevant jobs with personalized responses


No Cost- 10 Job Applications

No Payment Information Required


Additional 25 Job Applications

($0.80 per application)


Additional 100 Job Applications

($0.60 per application)


Additional 200 Job Applications

($0.50 per application)

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Our mission is to empower job seekers by lowering the effort required to find new opportunities for employement.

About us

ApplyGenie is a job application automation tool created by the developer team at Render Analytics. ApplyGenie uses web scraping technology to actively interact with third-party job posting websites and apply to many jobs at once without manual user involvement required.

Giving Job Seekers More Time and Better Results

Making Your Job Hunt Wishes Come True

Applying for a job... is a job. There is nothing more demoralizing than getting home from a long-day's work and having to put in another shift to apply for new jobs. These are all things you could be doing instead:

Playing With Your Dog

Sipping wine

Trying New Experiences

Automated Job Applications


Spending time with family


Watching your favourite show

ApplyGenie has one purpose: automate the process of sending out job applications so you can get your valuable time back. Let us find the next perfect job for you tailored to your individual needs and goals. Take a backseat and let the job search come to you!

ApplyGenie is currently available for LinkedIn and Indeed. Users must have an active account on one of these two platforms in order for our automation tool to do its magic!

Some of the perks of ApplyGenie include:

Job application automation

10 Free Automated Job Applications

Time saving automation

Time-Saving Automation

Job post filtering

Advanced Job Post Filtering

Targeted and personalized responses

Targeted & Personalized Responses

Reporting and data visibility

Reporting & Data Visibility

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I used ApplyGenie one time to apply to 100 jobs and got over a dozen responses and 4 interviews lined up. I can't believe how easy this made the process of applying for jobs.

- Larry Y

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This is one of the best ideas I have seen in a while- can't believe how easy it was to apply for jobs !

- Logan T

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I keep getting interview requests even weeks after using ApplyGenie only once.

- Sarah H

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I don't mind my current role, but ApplyGenie makes exploring additional opportunities straightforward without it becoming a chore.

- Hubba A

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